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By Ryan Rufus

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Ryan Rufus

Ryan Rufus is a contributor to GraceMedia.TV
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We are Ryan and Kylie Rufus. We're currently based in Hong Kong where we are full time pastors at City Church International, led by my (Ryan's) parents Rob and Glenda Rufus. We arrived here in March 2005. We don't know how it happened but we are also the founders of New Nature Publications, a publishing house that produces books and worship albums that are 100 percent rooted in the Gospel of Grace. We are amazed at the profile God is giving us around the world and they way New Nature is growing in stature. We've been fortunate to have published works by the likes of Andrew Wommack, Joshua Mills, Benjamin Dunn, Arther Meintjes, John Crowder, Fini de Gersigny, Rob Rufus, Lucas Miles, Cornel Marais and many others. We were married in July 1997 at just the ages of nineteen! (We know!) We have walked through many challenges and obstacles over this time but happy to report that we are ridiculously in love with each other like little teenagers! We have four stunning children, Renae, Chloe, Kimberly and Asher. They are four amazing gifts from God. It's a wild ride, but worth every moment for the intense love that children awaken in your heart. I (Ryan) have been privileged to have currently written 3 books "Extra Virgin Grace", "Sanctification by Grace" and "Do Christians Still Have a Sinful Nature?" that are selling worldwide and touching many lives. What an honor! We have an assignment from God to show Christians there salvation by showing them what truly took place when they got born again and how that impacts their life now. Through a dream I (Ryan) received this assignment that was to re-present the doctrines of regeneration and sanctification through the New Covenant lenses of grace. Our ministry is to bring Christians into rest and a deeper intimacy with Jesus. Between us we like to flow in the anointing, set the captives free, minister in the gifts of the Spirit, prophecy, interpret dreams, heal the sick and go after the lost. We feel called to Hong Kong to build City Church and see it become a large and powerful church that impacts Hong Kong and the world! Most of our time is spent ministering in Hong Kong but we do occasionally travel internationally for ministry. We perceive that this will increase a lot more into the future and are preparing for it.

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