Meet The Grace Media Team



We are Rory and Cindy Kyle, currently based in United Kingdom where we are run our own Media & Audio Company. We arrived here in the United Kingdom in September 2003 from South Africa, totally unaware of the amazing journey that the Lord had ready for us here in the UK.

We initially arrived with plans to work and travel for a few years and then go back to our homeland, but within a few weeks the Lord clearly lead us to set our roots down here in the UK and trust what He had for us. From that moment on God gave us a love for this land and made Britain home in our hearts!

In 2007 we powerfully encountered the message of Gods Love and Grace through the ministry of Rob Rufus from City Church International Hong Kong, We were totally and radically changed, our lives turn upside down! We met with God in such a powerful way that set us on a journey to want Him more than anything, and a hunger for His Word and Truth was ignited in us!

It was so clear that God wanted to establish good foundations in us for the journey ahead, that a growing desire to study His word increased!

He lead us to attend 2 years at Charis Bible College which is run by Andrew Wommack Ministries in Walsall , UK. Thereafter we had the most awesome privilege of working for Andrew Wommack Ministries – Europe for 2-3 Years, where we learnt so many new skills and had the opportunity of being part of the translations work.

In this time we both had an increasing desire to reach others with this message that totally changed us. Grace Media TV was born out of a desire to help and serve various Churches and Ministries preaching the Good news of Gods Love and Grace.